Thursday, 13 May 2010

crushed by the wheels of industry

i cant say i have been that busy but you cant say we havent put any effort into making a new record ! new swayzak / 240 volts / greta cottage workshop ep will have hand printed sleeves and i am working on the designs alll day today ......only got 350 to print , i reckon it will take around 3 hours (yeah ?) i did a test run and did 10 or so in about and hour but that was me faffing around and getting the idea of the process ! and if i have my able assistant handing me the paper sleeves (matt?) and not too many tea breaks .it should be done in a day or so i reckon . still we havent got the friggin vinyl , they said 3 weeks , that was a month ago . no wonder the music business is dying !
like a lost icon of the british empire , the sleeve comes in any colour you want as long as its brown , cos it looks rusty and cool! and the record is black as long as you dont mind 180gram fatness:)
if you would like to order one direct from us with love . contact us at swayzak hq .its a limited run of 350 and we sold 300 already !

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

new greta cottage workshop - brun (swayzak) mix

getting some great feedback on this , it was the first remix i did in new studio space and the results of the studio are starting to come to frution ! some nice new music coming out on greta / 240 volts vinyl release too .....and a new swayzak ep on logistic is sounding killer . not often we say that about our work , we didnt always blow our own trumpet , and we didnt always make killer music, well not for a while we got a nice production plan and doing a few remixes here and there . not sure we will ever make an album again but we will see . but i think we had enough of big record companies and their schemes .

its all about space and time , it comes at a premium these days, its also all about investing in good monitoring , and some crazy shit hot plug - ins from UAD .last year i bought old apple g5 quad core (fuck the intel infidel) adam a7 monitors , the UAD solo card , and running ableton 8 (not stable) all in all a good wee set up . the adams a7 although not top of the range they still cost more than my car . mind you my bike cost more than my car ! who needs a car anyway ? i like buses its a leveller of people and in london we all jump on the bus . i jumped on the bus once in LA and realised its not the same ........
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