Thursday, 22 April 2010

return of 240 volts

yes finally we got our shit together , and cut a new self funded (myself and matt at greta cottage workshop) self produced , self explanatory record ! mastered in deepest taunton, somerset, england, uk by john dent @ loud mastering ! a legend of the UK cutting scene for his work with island records back in the day and with the exchange , london (techno cutting specialists). john is a master and did us a big favour as vinyl is not a money maker for him either .......

sadly i had a cold all through the mastering cut (thats my excuse) and in the final mixes , after a heavy weekend in russia , so am slightly sweating on the final outcome and feedback and impending doom called record sales :)
its been a long and interesting journey and we have tried to embrace the digital age but really our heart is in music and not money so thats why we go back and cut a record ourselves . time was way back we could get the funds from a label or a distributor to do what we liked but those days are gone and i feel its a little bit of fun too !
hopefully we can satisfy the lovers of deep house , techno , minimal etc who are not digital djs and i know there are a few hardcore nutters left like myself ! those who choose to pirate we cannot stop and they are the ones who kill the music . but they cannot get the beauty of the product :
vinyl will be 180 gram (heavy) ,in protective sleeves , hand stamped labels and screenprinted artwork all done by you know who ! 350 copies is the aim and no digital release of these and i repeat none !
a side cut at 33 rpm - swayzak mix on 240 volts
aa cut at 45 rpm - bruns submariner mix on greta cottage workshop
this will be available in about a month from all good stores (not many left) , and through ourselves and greta cottage workshops site .......
hit us up if you need a upfront copy for the love of vinyl ! check here for the video and the sound of the swarf as the lathe cuts deep into the grooves .....amazing process that took around 5 hours to complete for two songs , so a pure artform .......

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