Wednesday, 2 May 2012

whats in a name

its been several quiet years on the blog, in the studio and on the road . but now another blog within a frickin week ? well i wanted to explain the S_W_Z_K thing . as many of you know our james has left the building and to be quite frank we are a bit bored with the swayzak moniker . this new S_W_Z_K ting originates from a gig myself and richard davis did in warsaw about a year ago . the flyer was simply SWZK and it looked great ! so for a new project by myself and with contributions from mr davis it seemed the right thing to do . I noted our polish connection continues :) however the truth of the meaning of swayzak in polish is not "union" though it was a nice idea and one RA used to have a little dig . why the need for the dig ?

swayzak as i recall originates from a doped out trip to cornwall and the small malibu surf community that perish in the english channel and its sewage waste that drifts by their boards , whilst waiting on a 6inch swell ! james and i somehow were re-enacting the legendary film "point break" with keanu and yes you guessed it patrick swayzee rest his soul ! whoever actually caught the wave with the boogie board was the swayzak .......

so there u go !

essdoubbleuzedkay as i prefer it to sound rather than swizzik , or the italian swiyzaak is here to stay and expect more to come , the music is a little more serious as is the artwork , the live show i hope will be the crowning glory with the first shows lined up for tresor berlin 9th june and redgallery london on 16th june ! the idea is the record / cd / digital is a advert for the live and not the other way round . the live show indeed will be different and the tracks will evolve as they should ...myself and mr davis will be at the controls , he suggested on stage boiler suits (pete townshend) too , but am not sure i prefer 1980s (terry hall) style rude boy with braces but that could look a bit facist . anyway i like the idea of a stage costume but judging by the artwork and the comments maybe it should be captain caveman !

expect deep throbbing techno something that they used to call IDM in the old days , more to come

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  1. Artwork " a little more serious " ?? what are you saying - the previous artworks weren't serious ?? They were an exact science ! Ha Ha Ha
    Seriously , I like the new artwork - looking forward to hearing it soon .
    Go for the boiler suits ........