Tuesday, 27 January 2009

taxman a cometh

flu ridden , burnt out from fabric and 4 days left to get my miserly tax return in .......been hectic last month gigs in watergate, berlin , pauza krakow (very cool town) loft barcelona and i mustnt forget izmir .......

i always had a good time in turkey but this time i was taken for a ride !i met the friendliest promoter i have ever come across ,though somewhat a bit suspicious of his actions , one should always run on first impressions i feel ! he was a grade A scammer ......only the second one i have come across in this nightclub business i may add !
after a fairly crap night in a dull club , the f***ker ( i mean promoter) had the audacity to run off with me hard earned euros ! claiming his great business partner would wedge me up the next day , i lost and my turkish aint so good ......anyway totally bad karma and i hope he enjoys the money while it lasts , cos it wont last very long ........running two iphones you twat ! enjoy the moment . i have a good mind to publish his phone number on here .but then he will think he is popular !!!!!

on a lighter note we are awaiting the impending birth of our good friend richard davis's first offspring "laurence" due any day now ! in fact we thought astrid may give birth in gallerie kaufhof on saturday , while we tucked into a latte machiato after watergate .......we always hang in the coolest berlin spots :)

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