Tuesday, 13 January 2009

vinyl resurgence

'sometimes you have to go backward to go foreward' my pal JC once said to me. well since the end of last year it rings true to me. after many years of cd buying and downloading, ive started buying vinyl again..... but only classical music. the 2nd hand vinyl market generally is overinflated in all genres thanks to ebay and discogs, but i find at my local store that all classical vinyl is between 1 and 2 euros per LP. thus im starting to trawl a rich and rewarding seam of music that is the perfect antidote to tinitus and overcompression of electronics, plus its cheap!

time was i would buy old funk LPs or fusion for next to nothing in london. now all thats left unwanted seems to be crap french pop or classical music. so as i dive into todays finds of arnold schoenberg and erik satie (1.50 each) i leave you with thoughts of well kept slabs of black plastic.

be seeing you

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