Tuesday, 10 March 2009

eno goes to detriot

been a while since the last blog , people going on about twitter etc blah blah whatever. i hear alan mcgee (that c**t that released oasis crap) having a arguement with a brian eno impersonator . i fancy an arguement with myself and often do or perhaps with a impersonator like mike yarwood ! so here we go :

i am reading eno's biography right now and i see a lot of parallels with him although i never made it to art school and my dad wasnt a postman. though i did go to glasgow school of art most weekends for the parties , and my dad was a travelling salesman which is a bit like a postman ! eno was not and is not musically trained which definetely helps when working with u2 and coldplay . i am not and probaby never will be musically trained , but i recently started my own art school. its free to get in and you can do as little or as much as you like .
eno did some outrageous music before meddling with coldpay , such as "my life i the bush of ghosts" , "music for airports" (which we all need when in a stressful bloody airport ) and he was in roxy music , my mums favourite band .........ps i saw brian ferry at the airport and he was reading the daily express ( i mean come on that is poor show) then he went to boots with his girlfriend who was buying ladies products ie makeup . really funny to see a rock star in the queue at boots (crap british high st store that sells toothbrushes) and waiting on what looked like a lady half his age !!!
still he was a coal miners son unlike his upper class git of a son who goes fox hunting with the bourgeoisie. if only my father woz a a postman :(

on another note seems like the world of underground techno is collapsing , the legendary detroit store 'submerge" was literally bulldozed , and clone records from netherlands stopped trading after 15 years . both were responsible for some of the undergrounds darkest tunes much to my pleasure !!!!
sad to see them go , and i remember fondly james and myself walking thru the wasteland that is downtown detroit looking for the submerge store , going thru empty GM buildings with the most intricate 1920's architecture ....beautiful wasteland .
anyway heading for submerge we were tailed by the bums , hobos and crackheads that inhabit the streets of D , which reminded me very much of glasgow in the 1980s though not many spoke glasgwegian . i was quite nervous and we were the only white folks on foot . odd in USA that people drive (even when a walk is easier) we looked like tasty pickings for the homeless underclass . but streetwise enough still we made it to the store and spent $$$ (those trips out in glasgow prepared us :)
on mad records only sold in detroit . but no longer such gems can be had ......
now all that is gone and hey ho you can download a mp3 from wherever.com without fear of your life, how boring is that !!! unless you electrocute yourself !!!!
you kids get out there start a riot or something , this mp3 world is boring as is twitter ......if anyone reads this , but maybe you all gone rioting :)

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