Thursday, 16 April 2009


we lounged around miami for a whole 48 hours . i felt the time was well used , had expensive dinner , did a gig and left ! after checking into the philip starcke designed 500 floor 10 star luxury hotel we headed for the hotspots, and discovered men with breasts walking the street , posers driving rented lamborghinis, several 100 roger sanchez lookalikes and and some ladies that the taliban would have trouble with their dress sense. Though we actually got a decent recording of our live set thanks to chahe (the man from SF) recording onto his laptop . i sat on a stool and francesco sported a new haircut .........the crowd was sparse , but "awarehouse" was a great venue and a great sound ! so perfect for a relaxed evening of deep house music .......
of course we were tempted to visit the wild parties (which all got shut early) and the stars but franky we didnt bother and had a nice time chilling , the only other djs we saw were ewan pearson and sasse ......and that was quite enjoyable !
you can check the live set at little white earbuds soon ........
then i flew directly to belgium and liege from philip starcke and sunshine to holiday inn circa 1978 and belgian weather (similar to scottish) ! i hooked up with james and we hung around all evening waiting to play , enjoyed the set of chloe and the beer ......but avoided PERET a local rocket fuel ! our show as ok but i was so tired i dont remember much :(

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