Monday, 18 May 2009

is this worth writing i am not sure , but five readers all the same !
life is tough in the whatever world we exist in , music of whatever genre you choose to call it . house , techno, tech house , deep house , minimal house , minimal techno, techno pop, electro pop, electro, meenemal (if your spanish), whatever it is its tough .......but not as tough as say living in central africa or the high plains of pakistan ! now that is tough . taleban is coming and i am playing music , i am a dead man . no beard - dead man , etc etc - dead man .......
still i get really fucked off , yes i do ! misunderstood , confused, lost , depair, all spring to mind over the current state of music !
the other night i went to see me old mate peter doherty play (hes not my mate but that sounds cool), he showed up two hours late and then played a blinding set to what may have well been his mates in his bedroom aged 15 . he stumbled about the stage and even played drums (out of time , mind you so was everything) . The people sung along and it was a kind of beautiful chaos and the kids, the kids they loved it . they really loved it . i mean if i had played that shocking it would be all over resident advisor blah blah track 3 18 seconds in is out of sync this guy cant beatmatch !!!!....... but cos peter is a famous drug addict its ok ! and that was his charm , and actually i liked it , it was innocent . he was joined on stage by a guy who looked like columbo , who played guitar ok, all the gear was borrowed and apparently this is babyshambles line up !!!! mental two junkies in stage but they have something i dont ....maybe i need to get hooked on something stronger than herbal tea ?
anyway my old mate kenny (he is) is their guitar tech and i was given the responsibility of looking after the borrowed gear while he nipped out for a draw on a B&H (ten packs were always his speciality)
here i met some real oddballs , hanging out waiting for the enigma that is peter doherty to stagger in . there was a brian jones lookalike, a paul weller lookalike , a big rasta called "the general", an apparently famous tall model type superhuman ( who certainly perked up when pete arrived ) and a Pete doherty lookalike ! lots of image concerned people trying too hard to look cool when the only cool way to be was wasted and not give a fuck , like a glasgow junkie in a skip (check youtube)
or was it him ? no it wasnt cos you know what pete is getting fat frank from shameless says "more drugs now" !

but peter has quite a following and i am impressed by his chaos that somehow is working for him . he is kind of modern day punk to all this safe coldplay college music . which take me nicely to brian eno , i am halfway thru his biography and i am thinking he was a poseur but maybe everyone was in the 60s?

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  1. You really ought to play more sets in Utah, then.

    The kids would find your herbal tea addiction quite rebellious.