Tuesday, 16 June 2009

fete de la musique

So i finally get orf me lazy ass and blog something.....yes we need more random bullshit in this electro world..

Last gig was in Berlin at the lovely Rechenzentrum. Probably the best sounding club ive been in, housed in a former radio studio next to the river. Every sound from our live set was clear and stereo imaging was excellent. Piss off hifi Dad! But the records sounded AMAZING.. maybe it was the help of booze, but man they were liftin'!!!

So this weekend im off camping with the kids and my mate charlie (person, not powder).. Its a little tradition of midsummer hairdown that goes back 1500 years..the simple pleasure of sky, beer, bullshit and frisbee... Then back on sunday for a mini DJ set outdoors at 7pm, how civilised is that? Im gonna play some wonky hiphop for the dayglo bleeders, then jump up dancehall. super mario right up..

Purchase of the week _ game boy camera €7. some original japanese electro culture in glorious lofi.

chin chin

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