Thursday, 9 July 2009

compare and contrast

how high do you want your table? 1 metre 20. ok perfect. fresh apples please, usb cable? what colour would you like sir? perfect white wines in leafy courtyard. over the hill faded punks. still rock hard for 2.5 hours. kunst where walls hold more intrest than work? ! dwayne hanson at least has force.

broken sleep on a wooden floor, zen? more like solitary. after, after - what was before? tension running, more interest in the street than from the speakers. breakfast beers and screwdriver. playing with pleasure for private view. A black room with no curtains, 'no rubber no fun' A coffee with cats , home for tea.

1 comment:

  1. transfer complete, info processed, response initiated. silence is none, street speaks. daily rush flushed by the nightlight, all in citycolour. corrupt cops and crack blocks. asphalt makes me at peace with the world who chose me. no, other way round, this was then but that is now.