Friday, 31 July 2009

summer season 2009

In the true spirit of the British entertainment model, We Swayzaks embarked on a mini summer season. Fortunately, Bridlington and Skeggy were not on the list, thus in keeping with these late capitalistic times, we were on the Euro tour.

Friday night first stop Lattes , France, a charming spot in between a canal and dual carriageway that boasts palm trees and bamboo shavings. We soundchecked to the overweight and obligatory ponytailed sound man who wrestled with cables, mobile phone and bass bins. Result? the offending bins were trollyed out the place. Leaving us with the feeling of doing a high frequency ambiance set!

Anyway after a fine dinner with Mr Barron and family and a quick kip on the trampoline, we jumped in the multivan and back to business. A super friendly and warm crowd was getting good by the time we got it. 6 oysters later and 2 bassbins, we took to the bug infested stage and laid down a tearing techno set, that seemed to press all the right buttons.

After USSF and JC of Clafooti, stepped up as things got deeper and the sun came up. A final wobble home to cornflakes with BT.

The next day, Mr Brown popped round just in time to catch the finishline at Mount Ventoux, then we slid into the ever comfortable and squashy Corail to Perpignan. Mr David (DJ nice) was there to meet us in the 205 with cold ones..nice. We trucked over the Spanish border to the Rachdingue. It was the 41st birthday of this legendary nightspot. We dined in fine style with a pigs leg on the terrace with 25 of our newest friends. Just as i started to feel really tired, the people started to arrive. We played 2 hours on a great system that got better and better. A great club with lovely humans.
thanks to Mathieu, Franck, Freeda , David, JC, and everyone else who wore raybans.

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