Thursday, 2 September 2010

hand printed editions 25 /100

i get my shit together and deliver to you (the fans) the first 25 (blue industrial) of these lovely hand printed swayzak vs greta cottage records . 180 grams of vinyl loveliness packed in lined paper sleeves , lovingly hand printed by yes me in my living quarters and not some kids in china !
in these days of austerity (well here in the uk anyway) , we are going back to the roots of the music , and something - the first art i did since i was around 15 ! not that long ago :)

an enjoyable process so far , apart from the rsi it makes light of the linear digital files uploaded distributed and forgotten . this is art and music in one , though the music is art ,is the art music ? already top seller thru phonica records london . the music speaks for itself and the art - well make up your mind , and make it quick please !
originally a 300 copy record 200 for the dj stores and 100 for you ....

4 editions of 25 . so get the blue or next will be green / brown / black
buy all four if you wish ?
comes in a 450g polythene sleeve to protect the genius work .
cost £6.99 plus shipping
uk - £3.50
eu - 4.50
USA - £7.00
japan - £7.00
rest - £7.00
email me for customer satisfaction

next up will be fashion and there is a limited teeshirt to come . see photo !

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