Monday, 25 October 2010

live and dj in Omsk


Just a quick note to say im very happy to be heading east this weekend for a DJ and maybe little live set in Omsk Russia

SATURDAY 30 - James Swayzak Live and DJ at ZANZIBAR _ OMSK RUSSIA

Come and say hello if you around that way



  1. hello, nice to meet you in Omsk. think it will be great night

  2. hey there! i started doing a club night here in portland, oregon usa and found that my (now) old and treasured records "snowboarding in argentina" and "snooploops and sneakbeats vol 2" are essential parts of my sets. your music has held up very well over time, and always seems to reemerge from my crates sounding fresh. "snowboarding.." goes so well with all of the newish dub techno like 2562 and deadbeat, etc. not to say i don't love your other work, i just don't have it on vinyl (yet).