Tuesday, 15 February 2011

blood suckers from the planet zog

greetings followers of the blog keep on following one day we will have something new and interesting to write about but at the moment frankly not much to say ! probably at the end of one's tether (good word that) with the online music biz . now its only tales of sorrow from me :

what with little work and little chance to release its a frustrating time in the underground ! i seem to have gotten into a mess with former friends who dont seem to acknowledge the good things that have been done for them by us , as well as the good things they did for us which i do acknowledge wholeheartedly . some people seem to think its their god given right to feel they have been responsible for the mild success known as swayzak . it has happened two or three times now and frankly i am a bit puzzled ? funny what grade F celebrity dj fame does ! as i see it we did it all ourselves with some help along the way that was handsomely rewarded , many of those who helped think nothing of it but I seem to have fallen out with more people in the music business than i did at school , and the funny thing is they were all so called friends . this business is cruel and unusual , some twists and turns and you are saying goodbye to a friend .

we stuck our neck out for other people and got them involved , releasing their music much of it did not make any returns and would not have been classed a "sound investment" . many of these musicians would not have left their bedrooms and indeed some still have not ......
i personally invested my own money on several projects that are yet to see a return yet i am seen as a user not as a investor ?
but by chance today i find who is my finest friend with a phone call offering to tidy my ageing fathers garden in his spare time . a true friend who is not in the blood sucking music industry , so a gift for him , though he was the drummer in our first band he saw through the crap ! thanks man made my day you know who you are :)

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  1. First time i'm here, First time reading your blog. And all I can hear is frustration. Don't know who you are, and only found out because of "Birdy Nam Nam Lil Mike".

    Anyways, you make pretty songs and I like how you think. Don't get down on anything. Wish you well.